Important Factors to Consider When You Are Buying Curtains


When it comes to decorating your room, curtains will make your room stand out but only when you choose them correctly.  Curtains make a room so with so many decisions to make out there it can be quite overwhelming choosing the right curtains.  Below are a few tips that will guide you in selecting the right curtains for your home.


Curtain fabric at is essential as it will control how well your curtains will hold up over time.  Your curtain fabric should not be too heavy or light as the curtain will not fold or fall well.  To know the right material to pick when buying a curtain, hold the curtain up to a window and fold it well at the top and see if it falls nicely on the window even if it is in a showroom.  Silk, velvet, and faux silk are the best fabric choices for your window treatments as they drape best.  The most durable curtain material is faux silk. There are fabrics that keep out the cold such as velvet, suede, tweed or tapestry since they are heavy and this helps block light and keep warmth in. You can still interline and line curtains to give the body and make them last longer. You should know that when silk is unlined, it rots so never try to do it even if you want the curtain to look heavy.


Decide how high you would want the curtains to start before you start to measure the curtains you are buying. If you want to give your room a sense of height, you can hang panels higher than the window.  For a dramatic look, you can hang curtains more than 6 inches above the window. When measuring the curtain's height, consider the added height where the curtains will dangle from.  For a more traditional look, add some inches to your length to let the curtain puddle on the floor. On the other hand, if you want a modern look, let the curtain flush with the floor. Add about four to eight inches and double the total number of your width measurement to make the curtains look full. These extra inches will help prevent any light from entering the room if you want a dark room and also they will help not block the window glass when you open the curtains. To know more about window curtains, visit .

Dry Clean Only or Washer Machine Friendly

 When purchasing Set sized ready made curtains , you have to decide whether to shop for washer machine friendly or dry clean only curtains.  Most curtains get ruined when you wash them yourself.